Theme Review

Theme Name: iNavHD (Dreamboard Version)

Author: Reeco (Ported to Dreamboard by GaN_MaN)

Price: £3.00 ($3.81 USD) 

iNavHD was an interesting theme to me because not only was it one of the first iNav themes (that I saw) to approach HD graphics, it was also ported to dreamboard before dreamboard even came out, making it the second theme compatible with Dreamboard. Now I was never a big fan of iNav themes; since I am an avid theme switcher that often finds himself back in the regular iOS theme, it was just to much work to have to set up the iNav theme then figure out I didn’t want to use it anymore. When I saw iNavHD’s compatibility with Dreamboard I was pretty stoked, though the only thing that was holding me back was that it cost three pounds. I ended up getting it and I say there was 3 pounds of work put into this, though I think the maximum price people would buy this at is $1.50. Though this theme isn’t something I would use as a main theme, it is something that I can use for a while without switching (which probably means there are a lot of people that would use this as a main theme). Enough of my babble, on to the review!

User Interface

The user interface is great. It’s pretty simple to understand and only took me about 20 seconds to find my way around. It has great hi-def and original icons with a facebook widget. It takes advantage of the scrolling apps feature that was (I assume) brought to the theme through Dreamboardas well as weather widgets. Categories that seem to sort themselves as well as big icons in the middle of the screen for your most important apps. Though the weather has to be set by editing an HTML file manually the widget still displays beautifully on the device. The only problem I have with this theme is that they used the background was taken from the log on screen in Windows 7, though it makes the theme look good I was still hoping for a custom wallpaper. Overall this theme seems very organized and gives off a joyful/bright feeling to it.


iNavHD has quite a bit of features for a theme. For example, each category on the bottom of your screen is clickable. Let’s say you click the games screen; you will find yourself on a page that has game icons lining the top (the icons will be there whether you have the app downloaded or not) and a giant home button icon in the middle that, when clicked, it will bring up a list of applications that you put into that games folder. Also when you swipe the page to the left you will find a facebook widget. I haven’t quite got this to work yet, but nevertheless it fits in with the theme quite well. The only feature I really wish was there was the ability to change the apps along the top to what you want through Dreamboard. Other than that this is a very complete theme features wise.

Value for Money

iNavHD was almost worth 3 pounds. Assuming they would’ve priced it $3.99 US Currency that’s a fairly painful price for a theme. Though this was a very beutifully designed theme I can’t see it would be a bad way to spend money if you have it.


Overall I thought this was a good theme. A lot of people I know would use this regularly because of it’s organization. Even though it has quite a few flaws and missing features this theme was barely just released and even though the developer said he would only apply one more update, GaN_MaN continues to update his Dreamboard port of it and we hope he can bring some of these features to the theme. My final rating is 4 stars.


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