Windows 8: Build 7850 Build Introduction

Here’s are first Operating System introduction. Today we will be reviewing the features in Windows 8 Build 7850 with all features unlocked (guides coming soon to unlock all features). Going through Windows 8’s Explorer Ribbon UI to there new aurora feature that automatically changes the aero glass color according to your wallpaper. Now let’s give you a breakdown of Microsofts upcoming Operating System!

Windows Explorer Ribbon UI

Windows Ribbon UI

Windows new Explorer Ribbon UI is great for those people that always use the right-click menu for things like cut, copy, paste, delete, and it even has an option whether to permanently delete an item or throw it in the recycling bin. I found this to be an exciting addition to Windows Explorer just because it increases the simplicity of the Operating System. This is the kind of thing that begins to draw the line between different Operating Systems. This leaked build has begun to provide something of a difference other than program selection in OS’s. You see in the new ribbon UI not only do you have options like cut, copy, paste, and delete, but when you select on certain files, like say an application, you will get other selections for what you want to do with that program.

Windows Ribbon UI selecting an application

You can select whether you want to pin it to the taskbar, pin it to the startbar, troubleshoot it’s compatibility with your OS, or even run as administrator.

Windows Explorer Ribbon UI Picture Options

They also have some simplistic options for pictures as well. You have the option to rotate it to the right, rotate it to the left, set as background, or to even begin a slideshow featuring the other pictures in that folder. I personally think that the Ribbon UI is a perfect solution to simplify the OS and I’m hoping to see it in future builds of Windows 8.

Windows Taskbar

Windows 8 Taskbar with User Menu Selected

The changes in the taskbar are extremely minimal. The only thing I have noticed is the little profile picture in the bottom left corner. I do think that this is a great way to shortcut the path to your account settings while still blending in smoothly with the current look of the taskbar, but I still hope that there is more to add. Keep in mind this is only the first milestone for Windows 8 (Windows 7=Build 7600/Windows 8 M1=Build 7850).

Windows Modern Task Manager

Windows 8 Modern Task Manager

The Windows Modern Task Manager has a lot of improvements from the original task manager. It has a programs section that organizes your backgrounding applications into Windows System-Critical Programs, Background Programs, and Applications giving you better knowledge of what processes are running and give you a better idea of why there running.
Modern Task Manager Startup Programs

Modern Task Manager Startup Programs

Another feature of the new Modern Task Manager is that it lets you manage what programs will begin at startup. It lets you add or remove programs from the startup list or disable startup programs all together.

Users Processes in the Modern Windows Task Manager

Another feature that I found to be a great addition to the Windows Task Manager was the ability to look at backgrounding applications of other users that are still logged on with the options to end those processes or even begin new ones. This saves a considerable amount of time when you’re switching between two user accounts. This is definitely a great future and I hope that this program will be available by default in the final build of Windows 7.

Webcam Application

Webcam Application at work

There really isn’t much to the webcam application in Windows 8 Build 7850 since it’s so early in development. Right now it provides laggy, yet basic functions for capturing photo’s and video. The user interface has some buttons that you would see in the Zune software as well as Windows Phone 7. It also provides a timed capture for photos which is a nice feature that I expect they will expand into video once the final product of this software is created. At this point there isn’t to many clues to where this software may end up, but hopefully the final product ends up something like photobooth in Mac OS X.


Aurora is a new Aero Glass “color” that had to be activated in this build of Windows 8 that actually changes the color of the Aero Glass according to the dominant color in your background. This is what I thought to be one of the best features other than the Ribbon UI that they brought to Windows 8. This feature not only makes the desktop look better, but it also gives it a better feel to it. Everything looks much smoother and polished down. This feature is definitely one of my favorites and I hope that they include this in the final build of Windows 8.

Unfortunately I do not have any sort of video that I can take because of my video cards incompatibility with screen recorders (if anyone has suggestions I have an Nvidia Geforce 9800GT).


Overall Windows 8 Build 7850 has showed some impressive feats for the first milestone. Already adding big changes to windows explorer as well as some small changes to the taskbar. I have a feeling Windows 8 will be just like Windows 7 except it will feel as if the OS has accomplished more than just visuals and a few business features, but features that will effect the end-user in a positive way (less windows explorer crashes maybe? :)).


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