Windows 8 Build 7955, No Difference? (for now)l

The current install disc for Windows 7955 has forced me to conclude that the differences are slim. I tried to access the webcam application (which should have improved since Build 7850), but I did not prevail. Supposedly there where a lot of things deleted from this install disc basically making build 7955 just a more unstable build 7850. There is information at betaarchive that an unmodified .wim file (the file that includes everything that makes up the OS) is going to be leaked to the server. The news is that all it needs to do is be moved. I’m patiently waiting for this file to be releases, and once it is released I will do an introduction to build 7955 if there are noticable differences. On a side note I’m going to combine every Windows 8 OS introduction into one series. For example “Windows 8: Build 7850 Build Introduction”. Of course 7850 was the initial introduction to Windows 8 so that would look like so: “Windows 8: Build 7850 Initial Build Introduction”. Or at least something of that manner. I would like to thank you all for your interest in my blog!

*Donation List Update (Page Soon to be Updated, StbU):
We will be making a poll for what donations will go to. Options will include getting a paid host, something like, iPad 2, or Some sort of Android Device (Motorola Atrix would be nice). No one has donated yet so we would appreciate if you guys would begin to donate to keep this site working, functional, and flowing with news, reviews, and guides. Thank you for all your support!

EDIT: Also every build we introduce will have all features that you can unlock (usually)


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