Flare App Brings Realtime HDR Video Recording to the iPhone

Flare in Action

Using the HDR feature with the camera on my iPhone 4 I began to wonder “Why don’t they have this feature for capturing video?” because HDR (also known as “High Dynamic Range” which takes 3 pictures of the same scene with different exposures then puts them together) creates a quality image that normal cameras usually cannot take and really increases visibility in bright areas (and makes the colors pop depending on the picture). Well recently an app was released on Apple’s App Store called “Flare” which actually captures video in HDR and replays it to you simultaneously so that not only can you take video with HDR, but you can view how it looks with HDR at the same time. The only thing I’m interested about is the quality of the video only because of the usual HDR ghosts caused when an object is in motion while your taking an HDR picture which would make the quality of this app questionable because it’s HDR video which seems to contradict itself. If you would like to get your hands on it you can grab it here. There will be a video captured with this app posted soon!

Official Features List:


✭ tone-mapping effects live as you film
✭ focus independently of exposure* – just tap then drag
✭ pinch to ZOOM
✭ easily lock white balance, exposure, and focus with a tap
✭ share full quality videos to facebook, twitter, youtube, tumblr, flickr, and more



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