iOS 5.0 Previewed; Beta 1 Released

iOS 5.0 was released earlier this morning at WWDC 2011 and caught me a little bit off guard. First of all the most anticipated feature (by me) was NO WIDGETS. I was ragin everywhere (not literally) until I found out that there was weather and all that good stuff in the excellent revamp of the notification system (which looks very Hajas-esque; though it could’ve been some help from Hajas since he recently got hired by Apple, though I didn’t report on it, he’s still an intern so I don’t think it’s likely he helped a lot with the notification system, but still possible). I will be doing an introduction to Beta 1 soon though we do need to renew our developers account with apple soon so if anyone would like to donate money please do so by pressing the button in the side bar. Cheers!

EDIT: You can find more information on iOS 5.0 here and if you’re still excited for Mac OS X Lion you can find more information on it here. I am thinking of making a seperate post for Lion, but unfortunately I don’t have anything to test out Lion with (also I don’t have a Mac OS X developer account or a Mac for that matter) so I won’t be doing a write up on it. If anyone wants to as always you can go to the Contact Us page and, well contact us. Cheers!

NOTICE: iPod Touch 2g and iPhone 3g have been discontinued for further iOS update and you should not expect anything new or “revolutionary” on your old, crappy device. Thank you for all the support and best of luck!

^^Side joke for those of you still rockin the iPod touch 2g and iPhone 3g 🙂

P.S.S. Another note is that MobileMe is now free so enjoy it while you can! Also I’ll be making a guide soon on how to make your older device (below 3rd generation) seem like it’s using iOS 5.0. Though some features aren’t yet possible to replicate without making your own tweak I’ll cover as much as possible.


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