iOS 5 Jailbroken on iPod Touch 4!

I personally didn’t think this was going to be that hard due to the general nature of iOS it was obvious that limera1n was still going to be able to applied just because it is a hardware exploit. Though to make it even more official MuscleNerd was able to confirm on twitter that it was working for the iPod Touch 4 so it looks like there aren’t going to be difficulties. Though I thought iOS 5 was going to be the revision I wouldn’t mind not jailbreaking with, but unfortunately it was quite the contrary. None the less it’s a huge step for iOS and I hope to see more improvements (WIDGETS!) in the future. Apple is taking a step in the right direction with things like twitter integration and lets hope to see more features in the near future! Cheers!.

P.S. Right now where trying to raise $99 so we can renew our Developers account in order to do a review of iOS 5! We have created a list of our biggest donators and contributors in the Donate page and it will be posted on the front page when we raise enough money. Unfortunately we’ve had no donators, but we have had a few contributors to the sight that will be going up soon (and you’ll be able to notice the difference on the website of there contributions!). If you would like to donate you can go here. We have some time left on our Devleopers account so we can have coverage on iOS 5 Beta 1, but non the less it is expiring soon. Cheers!


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