[Review] V-iOS

Theme Review (Winterboard)

Author: Vanasian

Theme: V-iOS

Price: $2.99

V-iOS is a very unique Winterboard theme in the fact that it’s able to pull a sharp looking springboard without making it feel too unnatural. In my opinion this is due to the very musically enhanced UI sounds that gives it a sort of alien-like (but not to alien-like) feel that is more unique then any other theme I have used. The biggest reason I chose this theme was because of it’s increasing popularity; so I thought “Why not give it a review!” and I can assure you I was not disappointed when I first used this theme.

Graphical Interface

Every element in this theme seems to blend together in a nearly gap-less design that covers nearly every corner and touches almost every base. From a new dial skin in the phone app to a redesigned look in safari the only place this theme misses is it’s ability to add an automatic box to the icons of all applications downloaded through Cydia. Overall the theme radiates a very futuristic, alien-like effect that has been attempted in other themes that never had a feeling quite like V-iOS. Most themes I’ve used that aim for a look like this usually end up feeling very fake and fragile; though unlike other themes V-iOS has been able to pull this type of style off without feeling as if it was made out of plastic. It’s integration with the rest of the system gets to the point that things not only blend together on the springboard, but the springboard also blends in with the apps when launched making a smoother transition than most other themes. Some of the problems I have found with the Graphical Interface part is of course that the icons though include when it doesn’t box in the icons of most Cydia downloaded applications, the color mods don’t completely transform all of the colors, and not having a unique spotlight icon on the bottom of the springboard. Overall I am a big fan of the graphical interface, though it’s still not something I would use everyday (only because I’ve never found a theme I would replace the default iOS “theme” with), it is still a great theme for those who like these type of futuristic, alien-like themes.

Application Transitions

Application transitions are basically the pictures you see while an application is loading up and it is sometimes implemented in themes like this one. Some people think that it increases your loading time, but it does not; instead it gives you something prettier to look at than a blank template of the app your loading. Though this isn’t a big part of a theme, since it’s such a small time that you actually have to look at it, it’s still key to make transitions look great if you’re going to put these pictures in certain applications. Though in most themes the transition picture is what actually makes the theme a lot worse than it has to in V-iOS this is definitely not something they lacked on; the transition pictures in the default applications actually looked good. Though he put an iPhone 4 with the zoomed out icon of that application for the transition it still made the transition a lot smoother between being on the springboard and launching an application. Though this is not the most important part of a theme, when done right, it can make it a whole lot better.

UI Sounds

Another small part of a theme that usually isn’t implemented in most, and when implemented don’t always sound great are the UI Sounds. Though fortunately the UI sounds in V-iOS is another thing that this theme excelled in. Most of the sounds made implemented in this theme (for unlock, lock, text messages, mail, etc.) varied in many electronic sounds. Though they didn’t sound completely electric; they seemed to have balanced on the fence between electric sounds and natural. This is the part that helps give out the more natural feel then most other themes. The ability of visuals and sounds put together in a theme are usually very underestimated and can create a better experience for the user and this is something that Vanasian seemed to have noticed while creating this theme which makes me believe this combination is one of the reasons why this theme is so liked.

Value for Money

This is a theme that I can say would absolutely be worth the money. If you’re planning on purchasing this theme you will not be disappointed, especially if you experiment with different widgets and dock styles I’m sure you would be able to find a way to make this great theme even better.


This is my favorite theme for Winterboard so far, but it’s not to the point that I would use it everyday (which would be quite an accomplishment) though I believe that many others use it right now as there everyday theme and it wouldn’t surprise me. Overall I would like to give this theme four in a half stars for it’s ability to not only focus on the large parts of the theme, but also the smaller stuff.


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