Explanation for Lack of Updates (Soon to be Milestone for Siliconic and a Quick News Recap)

Lately there has been a lack of updates and reviews and apologize for this. The end of the school year was coming around and caught me off guard so I had to deal with quite a few things. Right now I will be on vacation until tomorrow and when that day comes I will be working on a great milestone for Siliconic in which I hope you will all enjoy. This update to the site will be done by either the end of this month (July) or the end of next month (August). I would count on it being done by the end of this month if not earlier :). This does not mean updates will stop; I do have an update for meesebytes Pwned Elite HD coming up and I apologize to meesebyte for it taking so long, because as I explained before, life got busy. The review for Pwned Elite HD will be finished soon and I already have another AMAZING (for a winterboard theme) pending. I hope you guys enjoy July!

Quick News Recap for My Absence:
-iOS 5.0 Beta 2 was seeded to developers and can be jailbroken with the current redsn0w beta; More in-depth look coming soon
-Facebook is supposedly going to release a in-browser video chat application
-Mac OS X Lion GM was seeded to developers and is reportedly shipping July 14th
-Samsung drops there suit against Apple
-New data charges to replace the unlimited data plan (like ATT) where leaked
-Jailbreakme 3.0 was leaked via someone who didn’t want to leak it (confused?)
-How Jailbreakme 3.0 got leaked by Redmondpie
-Jailbreakme.com goes for sale
-Prototype iPhone 4 hits ebay and is $.99 away from 1,000,000 (started at $98) last time i checked it here
-Windows Phone 7 App Store reaches more than 25,000 applications
-Big discounts on iOS applications for 4th of July
-ATT adding standard smartphone insurance plan to iPhone on July 17th
-Antisec (whom I hate just as much as Lulzsec because they are a combination of Lulzsec and Anonymous #NoJustReason) tried to hack Apple and releases encrypted passwords
-Report of Comex’s iPad 2 Jailbreak dropping today or tomorrow (as of July 4th)
-Siliconic to get a milestone redesign :vD


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