Piracy: Why It’s Bad

Piracy is the digitized version of a pirate. When your classified as a pirate on the internet it basically means you have downloadeded something for free that usually costs money. The first reason why this is bad is probably because it’s illegal (which I don’t really care about, but I am happy they passed a law not allowing people to do this; though obviously it isn’t quite stopping people) though the main reason is because your stealing someones hard work. You not paying for that app could be the decider between someone losing their house or paying off there mortgage (though I hope they don’t depend on the app store for these sort of things). Usually people put there apps on the app store for a reason and usually do this to make some money because they obviously lack money. Though I do agree that they should have another job aside from developing (which I believe most do) it’s still money that there going to need to pay there bills. Though don’t get me wrong I know some of these people are absolutely RICH (like the people who make Angry Birds), but that doesn’t give you the right to steal there work! All I’m saying is don’t pirate because the most likely thing is that the person selling the app really needs the money or spent a lot of time on this application there selling. Don’t forget about the hours of hard work people put into these applications!


P.S. This article is aimed mostly at piracy towards third-party developers


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