iPhone 4S Released!

Just thought I’d mention the iPhone 4S release today. I really think it’s awesome that there refitting the iPhone 4 with better specs my only wishes would be that they still had hardware exploits and SHSH blobs where transferable to them ;). Though really I hope not EVERYONE upgrades to this iPhone just because it’s still not necessary. I personally love the idea of more power in the iPhone 4’s design which is why I’ll probably be buying it because I could use the power. Though others who don’t need more power or those who don’t quite fancy the iPhone 4’s design would probably be better off waiting to upgrade to the iPhone 5. Moving towards some site news we are going to have a series of exciting yet repetitive and seemingly unoriginal articles (that I’ll be writing ;D) that I hope all of you enjoy coming up soon and I hope everyone enjoys them. I’m writing the first article to this series right now to kick it off and I hope everyone enjoys it! Also I have reset my router since I had lost my admin password for router settings and now I can port forward! Due to the lower amount of people visiting these pages we will probably be switching to self-hosting and will finally be able to use our domain that we’ve had for so long! If you want to donate to us so we can get our grubby hands on the iPhone 4S then just head over to the donate link in the sidebar and we hope to give you guys a little review of our own on it soon! Thanks for reading!


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