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Hello World

So I got recruited by Saphiresurf to do a little¬†writing¬†for this blog. I have been around iOS since it was iPhone OS 1.1. That was back on my iPod Touch 1g in 2007. I still have it laying right here. Comes in useful every once in a while. I used that all the way through 3.1.3. I still remember using the original jailbreakme with the TIFF exploit on 1.1.1. And they say a picture is worth a thousand words. That picture enabled me to do so many things that I never imagined possible on a handheld device. I can’t even begin to count how many memories I have off all the stuff I did on that. And then around 3.1.2 my headphone jack broke on the 1g. Needless to say I was bummed. I managed to live with that until last Christmas I received a 4g from my mom. I got it on the 24th and had it jailbroken on the 26th. The added screen upgrade, camera, and microphone was a big leap for me. Makes me wonder how I ever used the 1g. I had it loaded with all my favorite Cydia apps on the 26th. A couple of upgrades later, and I’m still using it every day. I hope to use my knowledge and experience in iOS to help contribute all I can to this blog.