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Unfotunately, most people viewing this blog are most likely bots. Though to those who aren’t: I plan on bringing this blog back. I’ve been busy with LuminiOSity, school, and life (and will continue to be). I still have some pretty big plans for Siliconic, but they haven’t been put in to motion yet. Just you wait ;P. Anyways, I hope you all a great next few days and hopefully you’ll be able to expect us back, once again.


LuminiOSity: A New Custom Firmware Project

For a while now I’ve been trying to assemble a team for a custom .ipsw (iOS firmware) project called LuminiOSity (“The Light at the End of the Tunel” might be one of it’s phrases :)). As of now the team consists of me (Saphiresurf) and a skilled scripter named Bcooperizcool. Right now where working on a bundle for Mac Owners to create a custom LuminiOSity .ipsw out of a 4.3.3 .ipsw. A current firmware version will be made due to the shsh problem, but our main focus’ are on iOS 4.3.3. We have a coder that may join, but we still need more team members. If you can code or script please comment or shoot us an email at the contact us page. We could also use testers that own the following devices at the end of this article (it’s preffered you run Mac OS X!). Thanks for reading; we’ll have a bundle out soon!

-Sean B. (Saphiresurf)

Devices (anything crossed out isn’t needed):
-iPhone 4
-iPhone 3gs (New Bootrom)
-iPhone 3gs (Old Bootrom)
-iPod Touch 4
-iPod Touch 3g

Older device support will be soon. If you have an older device and want to start testing once we start working on older devices then shoot us an email or comment to. Don’t forget to tell us what device. Make it professional!

EDIT: How could I forget iPad! Crazy. Well we would appreciate if an iPad was donated, but we will try to make LuminiOSity for iPad to (You can’t make custom firmwares for iPad 2/iPhone 4S yet). iPad First Generation is now added to the needed testing list.

Sick of iOS 5?

Personally I’m done with iOS 5.0. Ever since I started using it I’ve felt more restricted especially in the fact that there are a lot of incompatibilities with other tweaks. Also I was disappointing because of things like the lack of widgets and all that. So now I’m venturing into some iOS related things and I think I’m going to cough out a nice .ipsw for us who want to be left behind from iOS 5.0 and stay with good ol 4.3.3 (what the .ipsw is going to be based off of). So just wait and I’ll have the first (VERY BASIC) one out soon enough!

[Concept] PerPage Theming

As of late I’ve been thinking of what would be good in an OS and I’ve decided to make a concept OS in which I hope to make into reality. It’s a mobile based concept and I’ve come up with a few ideas along the way. One of these ideas being perpage theming. Perpage theming is when you have separate themes for two pages (in a mobile os that uses a page system). So say I have iOS running on my phone. I feel that it takes to long to get through the pages when I want to do something as small as finding directions. I’ve looked around for something similar, but nothing seems to compare to iOS. I use the dreamboard theme OS7 (Basically Windows Mobile 7; that’s what it’s based to look like) and I absolutely love the simplicity of it of how I can get in and out so fast, but I still want to have iOS but I still want to have access to OS7 without having to switch themes. Well my theory (hypothesis) is that with perpage theming you can make it so you go all the way to your last page in iOS default, but when you slide once more at the last page you find yourself in the OS7 theme, but you can easily switch back by just swiping back to that last page in iOS. This is a really neat idea because then you have to concepts at once running on your phone so you can easily have the best of both worlds. Another neat thing is that with my concept of switching to the OS7 theme from the last page is that the dock can still be ever-present. It can be present when you are at the main OS7 page but when you swipe to the right to look at the list of apps the dock can dissapear then reappear again when you go back to the main OS7 page or to the next iOS page (it could go back around; like when your in the applist in OS7 you swipe to the next page and it brings you to the search in iOS default (or winterboard) theme). This can of course be applied with regular winterboard theming, but I find the concept to be more exciting when you use something like a dreamboard theme and combine it with iOS. Hope you guys didn’t get to confused on this post I thought this was a pretty neat concept I made up ;). I’ll make a concept picture soon so stay tuned!

-Sean B. (Saphiresurf)

EDIT: Heres a very VERY rough drawing of what I’m talking about. Keep in mind that I have terrible handwriting and drawing skills (also it was a terrible scan :/). Enjoy!

New Article Series: Tweaks ‘n’ Stuff

A while after jailbreaking I started to get sick of the old routine of installing whatever the hell I felt like then having to restore. It’s almost like a cycle that I couldn’t break with my iPod Touch 2g. Now I have an iPhone 4 and I’m still stuck in this cycle but the big heaping junk that I call iOS stacked pile high with random programs I wanted to try out just lasted a little bit longer than it did on my iPod Touch 2g. Though recently I decided to try and get a nice, stable iOS running with a few good programs and what not so at least when I had to restore I had a solid group of programs that I know I want. After some exploration I’m still trying to find the perfect setup for me, but in my journey I’ve found quite a few things that you (my readers) might enjoy in trying to find that perfect setup on your iDevice. I just want to kick off this series by getting some of the absolute necessaries that you should already know about. Let’s get started!


Price: Free

Author: BigBoss

Now I know this is the program that almost every article starts out with when naming these things even though THEY know that most of there readers recognize what SBSettings is. I’m including SBSettings just for our new readers that might not know so much about jailbreaking applications. Now in short SBSettings is a tool that let’s you toggle toggles (duh) like 3g, data, wifi, and it becomes progressively more useful throughout your third-party iOS experience. Trust me this is a must have for anyone.


Price: Free

Author: Jay Freeman (Saurik)

Another very well known tool is winterboard. Definitely a must have for any theming enthusiast and the most convenient tool in customizing the look of iOS. It’s basic functions are just theming icons, applications, lockscreens, and pretty much everything; in fact I don’t think theirs one thing I’ve ran into that it can’t theme. The only problem with winterboard for themers is you don’t have a whole lot of coding options except for widgets and what not. Otherwise this is a great tool for the end-user and should probably be installed on every jailbroken iDevice.


Price: Free

Author: Ryan Petrich

Activator is something that will probably install without you knowing it. It installs with things like SBSettings and it’s what makes it so when you slide the status bar that SBSettings actually comes down. Activator can be used for so many things like using certain gestures or points to play music, launch a certain application, or (like I’ve been using since I’m to lazy to call apple to get my home button repaired) act as a home button. This program comes in use all the time and I recommend it for anybody that jailbreaks no matter how new you are to the scene.

Folder Enhancer

Price: $2.49

Author: Lance Fetters (ashikase)

Folder Enhance is very convenient and was definitely worth the money. What folder enhancer does is it lets you not only have paged folders, but it loads considerably faster, doesn’t have a page limit, and you can have folders inside of folders. This application has always been one of the necessities for me when it comes to jailbreaking and I would think many others to.

I also thought for those of you who use twitter and facebook a lot that I might include a list of base applications for that kind of stuff to. Hope you enjoy!


Price: Free/$3.99 (Never found a difference between free trial and paid. Pay if you want to support the Developer!)

Author: Efiko Software

qTweeter is unique in many ways. It lets you post to twitter and facebook (you can even use multiple accounts!) just by swiping down on the statusbar and typing in your message. You have the ability to post to just one certain account or all of your accounts including both your twitter and facebook account. It’s a wonderful utility for anyone who’s constantly on the go, but still tries to keep everyone up to date or someone who just loves to excessively use twitter and/or facebook. If I may sell myself more for this product I’d just like to add that it’s the only social tool available in cydia that I would recommend or use at the moment ;).

Thanks for reading guys I hope you found some useful tweaks in here and don’t forget this is a series! Theirs more to come.

-Sean B. (Saphiresurf)

EDIT: Series is canceled. I have more in mind for the site. Just wait you’ll (hopefully) see!

Steven Jobs (1955-2011)

As most of you know Steve Jobs is dead. I don’t really want to say to much because it’s a very sad topic because Steve Jobs has been such a big part of our lives even for those who have never met him (or even seen him in real life). Steve Jobs was definitely an innovator in the technology and that I thank him for bringing the industry in at least one direction that can be considered an improvement. Thanks for being in our lives Steve, you will be missed.

-Sean B. (Saphiresurf)

iPhone 4S Released!

Just thought I’d mention the iPhone 4S release today. I really think it’s awesome that there refitting the iPhone 4 with better specs my only wishes would be that they still had hardware exploits and SHSH blobs where transferable to them ;). Though really I hope not EVERYONE upgrades to this iPhone just because it’s still not necessary. I personally love the idea of more power in the iPhone 4’s design which is why I’ll probably be buying it because I could use the power. Though others who don’t need more power or those who don’t quite fancy the iPhone 4’s design would probably be better off waiting to upgrade to the iPhone 5. Moving towards some site news we are going to have a series of exciting yet repetitive and seemingly unoriginal articles (that I’ll be writing ;D) that I hope all of you enjoy coming up soon and I hope everyone enjoys them. I’m writing the first article to this series right now to kick it off and I hope everyone enjoys it! Also I have reset my router since I had lost my admin password for router settings and now I can port forward! Due to the lower amount of people visiting these pages we will probably be switching to self-hosting and will finally be able to use our domain that we’ve had for so long! If you want to donate to us so we can get our grubby hands on the iPhone 4S then just head over to the donate link in the sidebar and we hope to give you guys a little review of our own on it soon! Thanks for reading!

Siliconic: May It Live Again!

I have to go in a sec, but I just thought I would write this post because it’s something that may change the way siliconic operates completely (trying to avoid revolutionary ;)). Managing the site I got extremely overwhelmed with reporting news but I loved doing news and articles. I have decided to make this a site dedicated to articles, reviews, and other things pertaining to technology. We still have a domain name that we bought a while ago because we thought we had a server, but due to some complications we no longer have a chance to get it. If anyone would like to let us use there servers contact us. I can promise you this is going to become a really promising site in what I hope to be really fast. Anyways I have to go. Expect some new articles soon and maybe even a logo. I also have a few awesome iOS projects that I think are being ran with and will bring more with that later. If anyone wants to write for the blog as always just contact us and will get back to you as soon as we can. Once again thank you for supporting Siliconic and let’s hope I get some nice articles running through here soon!

-Sean B. (Saphiresurf)

New’s Update (Looking for Writers)

Sorry I haven’t been updating the site with news lately, but I just don’t have time to update it so often. So this is why I thought why not see if anyone else want’s to write for the blog? I’m pretty sure you can do that with so I’m opening writers positions for writers! Mostly I like doing things like reviews, interesting articles, and news tidbits, but I just can’t keep up with every piece of news. I hope to see people volunteering soon; thank you for your time!

-Sean B. (Saphiresurf)

iOS 5.0 Beta 4 Released a While ago

Theres nothing to much to report here. If you’re a developer you know where to get the .ipsw and new itunes beta. The new changelog will be up soon!