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LuminiOSity: A New Custom Firmware Project

For a while now I’ve been trying to assemble a team for a custom .ipsw (iOS firmware) project called LuminiOSity (“The Light at the End of the Tunel” might be one of it’s phrases :)). As of now the team consists of me (Saphiresurf) and a skilled scripter named Bcooperizcool. Right now where working on a bundle for Mac Owners to create a custom LuminiOSity .ipsw out of a 4.3.3 .ipsw. A current firmware version will be made due to the shsh problem, but our main focus’ are on iOS 4.3.3. We have a coder that may join, but we still need more team members. If you can code or script please comment or shoot us an email at the contact us page. We could also use testers that own the following devices at the end of this article (it’s preffered you run Mac OS X!). Thanks for reading; we’ll have a bundle out soon!

-Sean B. (Saphiresurf)

Devices (anything crossed out isn’t needed):
-iPhone 4
-iPhone 3gs (New Bootrom)
-iPhone 3gs (Old Bootrom)
-iPod Touch 4
-iPod Touch 3g

Older device support will be soon. If you have an older device and want to start testing once we start working on older devices then shoot us an email or comment to. Don’t forget to tell us what device. Make it professional!

EDIT: How could I forget iPad! Crazy. Well we would appreciate if an iPad was donated, but we will try to make LuminiOSity for iPad to (You can’t make custom firmwares for iPad 2/iPhone 4S yet). iPad First Generation is now added to the needed testing list.


Sick of iOS 5?

Personally I’m done with iOS 5.0. Ever since I started using it I’ve felt more restricted especially in the fact that there are a lot of incompatibilities with other tweaks. Also I was disappointing because of things like the lack of widgets and all that. So now I’m venturing into some iOS related things and I think I’m going to cough out a nice .ipsw for us who want to be left behind from iOS 5.0 and stay with good ol 4.3.3 (what the .ipsw is going to be based off of). So just wait and I’ll have the first (VERY BASIC) one out soon enough!

New Article Series: Tweaks ‘n’ Stuff

A while after jailbreaking I started to get sick of the old routine of installing whatever the hell I felt like then having to restore. It’s almost like a cycle that I couldn’t break with my iPod Touch 2g. Now I have an iPhone 4 and I’m still stuck in this cycle but the big heaping junk that I call iOS stacked pile high with random programs I wanted to try out just lasted a little bit longer than it did on my iPod Touch 2g. Though recently I decided to try and get a nice, stable iOS running with a few good programs and what not so at least when I had to restore I had a solid group of programs that I know I want. After some exploration I’m still trying to find the perfect setup for me, but in my journey I’ve found quite a few things that you (my readers) might enjoy in trying to find that perfect setup on your iDevice. I just want to kick off this series by getting some of the absolute necessaries that you should already know about. Let’s get started!


Price: Free

Author: BigBoss

Now I know this is the program that almost every article starts out with when naming these things even though THEY know that most of there readers recognize what SBSettings is. I’m including SBSettings just for our new readers that might not know so much about jailbreaking applications. Now in short SBSettings is a tool that let’s you toggle toggles (duh) like 3g, data, wifi, and it becomes progressively more useful throughout your third-party iOS experience. Trust me this is a must have for anyone.


Price: Free

Author: Jay Freeman (Saurik)

Another very well known tool is winterboard. Definitely a must have for any theming enthusiast and the most convenient tool in customizing the look of iOS. It’s basic functions are just theming icons, applications, lockscreens, and pretty much everything; in fact I don’t think theirs one thing I’ve ran into that it can’t theme. The only problem with winterboard for themers is you don’t have a whole lot of coding options except for widgets and what not. Otherwise this is a great tool for the end-user and should probably be installed on every jailbroken iDevice.


Price: Free

Author: Ryan Petrich

Activator is something that will probably install without you knowing it. It installs with things like SBSettings and it’s what makes it so when you slide the status bar that SBSettings actually comes down. Activator can be used for so many things like using certain gestures or points to play music, launch a certain application, or (like I’ve been using since I’m to lazy to call apple to get my home button repaired) act as a home button. This program comes in use all the time and I recommend it for anybody that jailbreaks no matter how new you are to the scene.

Folder Enhancer

Price: $2.49

Author: Lance Fetters (ashikase)

Folder Enhance is very convenient and was definitely worth the money. What folder enhancer does is it lets you not only have paged folders, but it loads considerably faster, doesn’t have a page limit, and you can have folders inside of folders. This application has always been one of the necessities for me when it comes to jailbreaking and I would think many others to.

I also thought for those of you who use twitter and facebook a lot that I might include a list of base applications for that kind of stuff to. Hope you enjoy!


Price: Free/$3.99 (Never found a difference between free trial and paid. Pay if you want to support the Developer!)

Author: Efiko Software

qTweeter is unique in many ways. It lets you post to twitter and facebook (you can even use multiple accounts!) just by swiping down on the statusbar and typing in your message. You have the ability to post to just one certain account or all of your accounts including both your twitter and facebook account. It’s a wonderful utility for anyone who’s constantly on the go, but still tries to keep everyone up to date or someone who just loves to excessively use twitter and/or facebook. If I may sell myself more for this product I’d just like to add that it’s the only social tool available in cydia that I would recommend or use at the moment ;).

Thanks for reading guys I hope you found some useful tweaks in here and don’t forget this is a series! Theirs more to come.

-Sean B. (Saphiresurf)

EDIT: Series is canceled. I have more in mind for the site. Just wait you’ll (hopefully) see!

Sign of Jailbreak for iPad 2? (Is Apple Really This Stupid?)

A new image has appeared on that illustrates a nice skiing resort, but when looked at closer you will see a sign at the front of the picture that has two symbols then clearly says PDF. Could this mean a PDF exploit has been found in iOS so iPad 2 users can finally have a Jailbroken device? Is Apple really that stupid not to have covered up most PDF exploits by now? It seems that it MAY be that way and I know a lot of us our cringing to our seats to see whether or not the iPad 2 will finally be jailbroken. Subscribe to our blog to stay up to date on this! Cheers!

[Review] V-iOS

Theme Review (Winterboard)

Author: Vanasian

Theme: V-iOS

Price: $2.99

V-iOS is a very unique Winterboard theme in the fact that it’s able to pull a sharp looking springboard without making it feel too unnatural. In my opinion this is due to the very musically enhanced UI sounds that gives it a sort of alien-like (but not to alien-like) feel that is more unique then any other theme I have used. The biggest reason I chose this theme was because of it’s increasing popularity; so I thought “Why not give it a review!” and I can assure you I was not disappointed when I first used this theme.

Graphical Interface

Every element in this theme seems to blend together in a nearly gap-less design that covers nearly every corner and touches almost every base. From a new dial skin in the phone app to a redesigned look in safari the only place this theme misses is it’s ability to add an automatic box to the icons of all applications downloaded through Cydia. Overall the theme radiates a very futuristic, alien-like effect that has been attempted in other themes that never had a feeling quite like V-iOS. Most themes I’ve used that aim for a look like this usually end up feeling very fake and fragile; though unlike other themes V-iOS has been able to pull this type of style off without feeling as if it was made out of plastic. It’s integration with the rest of the system gets to the point that things not only blend together on the springboard, but the springboard also blends in with the apps when launched making a smoother transition than most other themes. Some of the problems I have found with the Graphical Interface part is of course that the icons though include when it doesn’t box in the icons of most Cydia downloaded applications, the color mods don’t completely transform all of the colors, and not having a unique spotlight icon on the bottom of the springboard. Overall I am a big fan of the graphical interface, though it’s still not something I would use everyday (only because I’ve never found a theme I would replace the default iOS “theme” with), it is still a great theme for those who like these type of futuristic, alien-like themes.

Application Transitions

Application transitions are basically the pictures you see while an application is loading up and it is sometimes implemented in themes like this one. Some people think that it increases your loading time, but it does not; instead it gives you something prettier to look at than a blank template of the app your loading. Though this isn’t a big part of a theme, since it’s such a small time that you actually have to look at it, it’s still key to make transitions look great if you’re going to put these pictures in certain applications. Though in most themes the transition picture is what actually makes the theme a lot worse than it has to in V-iOS this is definitely not something they lacked on; the transition pictures in the default applications actually looked good. Though he put an iPhone 4 with the zoomed out icon of that application for the transition it still made the transition a lot smoother between being on the springboard and launching an application. Though this is not the most important part of a theme, when done right, it can make it a whole lot better.

UI Sounds

Another small part of a theme that usually isn’t implemented in most, and when implemented don’t always sound great are the UI Sounds. Though fortunately the UI sounds in V-iOS is another thing that this theme excelled in. Most of the sounds made implemented in this theme (for unlock, lock, text messages, mail, etc.) varied in many electronic sounds. Though they didn’t sound completely electric; they seemed to have balanced on the fence between electric sounds and natural. This is the part that helps give out the more natural feel then most other themes. The ability of visuals and sounds put together in a theme are usually very underestimated and can create a better experience for the user and this is something that Vanasian seemed to have noticed while creating this theme which makes me believe this combination is one of the reasons why this theme is so liked.

Value for Money

This is a theme that I can say would absolutely be worth the money. If you’re planning on purchasing this theme you will not be disappointed, especially if you experiment with different widgets and dock styles I’m sure you would be able to find a way to make this great theme even better.


This is my favorite theme for Winterboard so far, but it’s not to the point that I would use it everyday (which would be quite an accomplishment) though I believe that many others use it right now as there everyday theme and it wouldn’t surprise me. Overall I would like to give this theme four in a half stars for it’s ability to not only focus on the large parts of the theme, but also the smaller stuff.

iOS 5 Jailbroken on iPod Touch 4!

I personally didn’t think this was going to be that hard due to the general nature of iOS it was obvious that limera1n was still going to be able to applied just because it is a hardware exploit. Though to make it even more official MuscleNerd was able to confirm on twitter that it was working for the iPod Touch 4 so it looks like there aren’t going to be difficulties. Though I thought iOS 5 was going to be the revision I wouldn’t mind not jailbreaking with, but unfortunately it was quite the contrary. None the less it’s a huge step for iOS and I hope to see more improvements (WIDGETS!) in the future. Apple is taking a step in the right direction with things like twitter integration and lets hope to see more features in the near future! Cheers!.

P.S. Right now where trying to raise $99 so we can renew our Developers account in order to do a review of iOS 5! We have created a list of our biggest donators and contributors in the Donate page and it will be posted on the front page when we raise enough money. Unfortunately we’ve had no donators, but we have had a few contributors to the sight that will be going up soon (and you’ll be able to notice the difference on the website of there contributions!). If you would like to donate you can go here. We have some time left on our Devleopers account so we can have coverage on iOS 5 Beta 1, but non the less it is expiring soon. Cheers!

iOS 5.0 Previewed; Beta 1 Released

iOS 5.0 was released earlier this morning at WWDC 2011 and caught me a little bit off guard. First of all the most anticipated feature (by me) was NO WIDGETS. I was ragin everywhere (not literally) until I found out that there was weather and all that good stuff in the excellent revamp of the notification system (which looks very Hajas-esque; though it could’ve been some help from Hajas since he recently got hired by Apple, though I didn’t report on it, he’s still an intern so I don’t think it’s likely he helped a lot with the notification system, but still possible). I will be doing an introduction to Beta 1 soon though we do need to renew our developers account with apple soon so if anyone would like to donate money please do so by pressing the button in the side bar. Cheers!

EDIT: You can find more information on iOS 5.0 here and if you’re still excited for Mac OS X Lion you can find more information on it here. I am thinking of making a seperate post for Lion, but unfortunately I don’t have anything to test out Lion with (also I don’t have a Mac OS X developer account or a Mac for that matter) so I won’t be doing a write up on it. If anyone wants to as always you can go to the Contact Us page and, well contact us. Cheers!

NOTICE: iPod Touch 2g and iPhone 3g have been discontinued for further iOS update and you should not expect anything new or “revolutionary” on your old, crappy device. Thank you for all the support and best of luck!

^^Side joke for those of you still rockin the iPod touch 2g and iPhone 3g 🙂

P.S.S. Another note is that MobileMe is now free so enjoy it while you can! Also I’ll be making a guide soon on how to make your older device (below 3rd generation) seem like it’s using iOS 5.0. Though some features aren’t yet possible to replicate without making your own tweak I’ll cover as much as possible.

Making the iPad 2 Even More Magical

A (FAKE) preview of iOS 5 has been released by a German magician whom has done some quite impressive stuff. I’m not positive how he pulled this off without any mess ups (except when he drinks the coke the straw is actually above the liquid for the most part), but I’ve posted it here for you to enjoy.

WWDC Tomorrow

20110605-095907.jpgAs many of you know WWDC is tomorrow, but unfortunately we don’t have anyone to give us live coverage and I myself don’t have enough money and would have a schedule conflict anyways. If anyone would like to do live coverage for Siliconic whom is going to WWDC then contact us and we can try and work something out. Can’t wait for tomorrow! (for those of you who don’t know apple officially announced that they where going to release (or announce) iOS 5 and Mac OS X Lion during this years WWDC and there wouldn’t be a new iPhone).

Flare App Brings Realtime HDR Video Recording to the iPhone

Flare in Action

Using the HDR feature with the camera on my iPhone 4 I began to wonder “Why don’t they have this feature for capturing video?” because HDR (also known as “High Dynamic Range” which takes 3 pictures of the same scene with different exposures then puts them together) creates a quality image that normal cameras usually cannot take and really increases visibility in bright areas (and makes the colors pop depending on the picture). Well recently an app was released on Apple’s App Store called “Flare” which actually captures video in HDR and replays it to you simultaneously so that not only can you take video with HDR, but you can view how it looks with HDR at the same time. The only thing I’m interested about is the quality of the video only because of the usual HDR ghosts caused when an object is in motion while your taking an HDR picture which would make the quality of this app questionable because it’s HDR video which seems to contradict itself. If you would like to get your hands on it you can grab it here. There will be a video captured with this app posted soon!

Official Features List:


✭ tone-mapping effects live as you film
✭ focus independently of exposure* – just tap then drag
✭ pinch to ZOOM
✭ easily lock white balance, exposure, and focus with a tap
✭ share full quality videos to facebook, twitter, youtube, tumblr, flickr, and more