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Sick of iOS 5?

Personally I’m done with iOS 5.0. Ever since I started using it I’ve felt more restricted especially in the fact that there are a lot of incompatibilities with other tweaks. Also I was disappointing because of things like the lack of widgets and all that. So now I’m venturing into some iOS related things and I think I’m going to cough out a nice .ipsw for us who want to be left behind from iOS 5.0 and stay with good ol 4.3.3 (what the .ipsw is going to be based off of). So just wait and I’ll have the first (VERY BASIC) one out soon enough!



My lack of news lately has left this site a little desolate. After I switched to Linux I lost interest in windows 8 due to the lack of big updates so I have decided not to do build introductions for more insignificant builds which means that there will not be introductions for build 7955 and 7959. If an insignificant build is the first k e to go beyond a hundred marker (say something like build 8000 or 8100) then I will do a build introduction for it. Refocusing also means bringing back iPhone coverage (we never got rid of it but we did sort of stop it when windows 8 coverage went around) as well as other mobile devices. We still would like donations for Siliconic because we would love to get more devices to review :). We have a URL ligned up for he sight ( and we will be getting hosting soon. A logo is also being made for Siliconic and we will have a site redesign soon! Don’t forget if you want your application/theme for windows/Linux/iOS then go to the contact page and we’ll get right on it! We have some dreamboard (and possibly winterboard) themes for iPhone ligned up for review as well so look forward to those. Cheers!

A quick note: If you have any web design skill and would like to contribute to the website by making a design I would love to see what you can do. Go ahead and send me an email through the contact us page here

and I’ll check it out. Also I’m thinking of making some sort of prize system for donating; even though thats not what donating is about we still need da monies so I’ll figure something out (maybe a theme :)).