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New Article Series: Tweaks ‘n’ Stuff

A while after jailbreaking I started to get sick of the old routine of installing whatever the hell I felt like then having to restore. It’s almost like a cycle that I couldn’t break with my iPod Touch 2g. Now I have an iPhone 4 and I’m still stuck in this cycle but the big heaping junk that I call iOS stacked pile high with random programs I wanted to try out just lasted a little bit longer than it did on my iPod Touch 2g. Though recently I decided to try and get a nice, stable iOS running with a few good programs and what not so at least when I had to restore I had a solid group of programs that I know I want. After some exploration I’m still trying to find the perfect setup for me, but in my journey I’ve found quite a few things that you (my readers) might enjoy in trying to find that perfect setup on your iDevice. I just want to kick off this series by getting some of the absolute necessaries that you should already know about. Let’s get started!


Price: Free

Author: BigBoss

Now I know this is the program that almost every article starts out with when naming these things even though THEY know that most of there readers recognize what SBSettings is. I’m including SBSettings just for our new readers that might not know so much about jailbreaking applications. Now in short SBSettings is a tool that let’s you toggle toggles (duh) like 3g, data, wifi, and it becomes progressively more useful throughout your third-party iOS experience. Trust me this is a must have for anyone.


Price: Free

Author: Jay Freeman (Saurik)

Another very well known tool is winterboard. Definitely a must have for any theming enthusiast and the most convenient tool in customizing the look of iOS. It’s basic functions are just theming icons, applications, lockscreens, and pretty much everything; in fact I don’t think theirs one thing I’ve ran into that it can’t theme. The only problem with winterboard for themers is you don’t have a whole lot of coding options except for widgets and what not. Otherwise this is a great tool for the end-user and should probably be installed on every jailbroken iDevice.


Price: Free

Author: Ryan Petrich

Activator is something that will probably install without you knowing it. It installs with things like SBSettings and it’s what makes it so when you slide the status bar that SBSettings actually comes down. Activator can be used for so many things like using certain gestures or points to play music, launch a certain application, or (like I’ve been using since I’m to lazy to call apple to get my home button repaired) act as a home button. This program comes in use all the time and I recommend it for anybody that jailbreaks no matter how new you are to the scene.

Folder Enhancer

Price: $2.49

Author: Lance Fetters (ashikase)

Folder Enhance is very convenient and was definitely worth the money. What folder enhancer does is it lets you not only have paged folders, but it loads considerably faster, doesn’t have a page limit, and you can have folders inside of folders. This application has always been one of the necessities for me when it comes to jailbreaking and I would think many others to.

I also thought for those of you who use twitter and facebook a lot that I might include a list of base applications for that kind of stuff to. Hope you enjoy!


Price: Free/$3.99 (Never found a difference between free trial and paid. Pay if you want to support the Developer!)

Author: Efiko Software

qTweeter is unique in many ways. It lets you post to twitter and facebook (you can even use multiple accounts!) just by swiping down on the statusbar and typing in your message. You have the ability to post to just one certain account or all of your accounts including both your twitter and facebook account. It’s a wonderful utility for anyone who’s constantly on the go, but still tries to keep everyone up to date or someone who just loves to excessively use twitter and/or facebook. If I may sell myself more for this product I’d just like to add that it’s the only social tool available in cydia that I would recommend or use at the moment ;).

Thanks for reading guys I hope you found some useful tweaks in here and don’t forget this is a series! Theirs more to come.

-Sean B. (Saphiresurf)

EDIT: Series is canceled. I have more in mind for the site. Just wait you’ll (hopefully) see!



Theme Review

Theme Name: iNavHD (Dreamboard Version)

Author: Reeco (Ported to Dreamboard by GaN_MaN)

Price: £3.00 ($3.81 USD) 

iNavHD was an interesting theme to me because not only was it one of the first iNav themes (that I saw) to approach HD graphics, it was also ported to dreamboard before dreamboard even came out, making it the second theme compatible with Dreamboard. Now I was never a big fan of iNav themes; since I am an avid theme switcher that often finds himself back in the regular iOS theme, it was just to much work to have to set up the iNav theme then figure out I didn’t want to use it anymore. When I saw iNavHD’s compatibility with Dreamboard I was pretty stoked, though the only thing that was holding me back was that it cost three pounds. I ended up getting it and I say there was 3 pounds of work put into this, though I think the maximum price people would buy this at is $1.50. Though this theme isn’t something I would use as a main theme, it is something that I can use for a while without switching (which probably means there are a lot of people that would use this as a main theme). Enough of my babble, on to the review!

User Interface

The user interface is great. It’s pretty simple to understand and only took me about 20 seconds to find my way around. It has great hi-def and original icons with a facebook widget. It takes advantage of the scrolling apps feature that was (I assume) brought to the theme through Dreamboardas well as weather widgets. Categories that seem to sort themselves as well as big icons in the middle of the screen for your most important apps. Though the weather has to be set by editing an HTML file manually the widget still displays beautifully on the device. The only problem I have with this theme is that they used the background was taken from the log on screen in Windows 7, though it makes the theme look good I was still hoping for a custom wallpaper. Overall this theme seems very organized and gives off a joyful/bright feeling to it.


iNavHD has quite a bit of features for a theme. For example, each category on the bottom of your screen is clickable. Let’s say you click the games screen; you will find yourself on a page that has game icons lining the top (the icons will be there whether you have the app downloaded or not) and a giant home button icon in the middle that, when clicked, it will bring up a list of applications that you put into that games folder. Also when you swipe the page to the left you will find a facebook widget. I haven’t quite got this to work yet, but nevertheless it fits in with the theme quite well. The only feature I really wish was there was the ability to change the apps along the top to what you want through Dreamboard. Other than that this is a very complete theme features wise.

Value for Money

iNavHD was almost worth 3 pounds. Assuming they would’ve priced it $3.99 US Currency that’s a fairly painful price for a theme. Though this was a very beutifully designed theme I can’t see it would be a bad way to spend money if you have it.


Overall I thought this was a good theme. A lot of people I know would use this regularly because of it’s organization. Even though it has quite a few flaws and missing features this theme was barely just released and even though the developer said he would only apply one more update, GaN_MaN continues to update his Dreamboard port of it and we hope he can bring some of these features to the theme. My final rating is 4 stars.

[REVIEW] Dreamboard

App Review

App Name: Dreamboard

Author: Wyndwarrior

Price: $2.99

Dreamboard first caught my eye in it’s preview on modmyi. I looked through the video and thought it was amazing how he made a very similar-to-android theme that required little to no setup. The other thing that amazed me is how easy the new theme iNavHD (RCS) was to setup with Dreamboard; looking at how complicated it was to setup old themes, then of course you discover you don’t like the theme and all your work get’s demolished, this was extremely simple. Dreamboard is one of the first apps I can say will eventually blend in with iOS once the bugs and crashes (SO MANY CRASHES) get worked out. Now without further adieu, lets move on to the review!

What is Dreamboard?

You know how some themes require you manually set them up? You have to move this icon here and that icon there, then you have to download and sometimes even buy several applications in order to use this application. Well Dreamboard simplifies this process into just selecting a picture of the theme and pressing apply. After a few moments you will find yourself in the theme you selected. Though at the time there really aren’t any themes that are available on Cydia, so most of them are in the theming section of modmyi, therefore you have to SSH the themes into your device, though don’t worry! If you don’t know how to SSH then this will be addressed in a future guide, but I’m sure you can find something while kicking around Google.

Is Dreamboard a Reliable application?

Dreamboard is now a very stable application and very rarely does it crash for me. If you are below versioni 1.1 then you will have problems, but 1.1 and above should be very stable. Overall I would say Dreamboard is a very reliable application.

User Interface

Dreamboard’s interface is brilliant. When you press on the Dreamboard app on your springboard it will zoom out into a selection of theme previews in which you can select a different theme. Once the theme is selected a menu will pop out from the bottom of your screen that will ask you if you would like to apply the theme or edit it. When you press apply you will, of course, be brought to that theme (without having to respring!), but if you press the edit button you will get to select which of your apps go where on the preset springboard on that themes then you can press the home button and it will apply that theme, unfortunately though Dreamboard does not support dragging and dropping icons like you can on regular iOS. Overall I think that the interface is great.

Reuse Value

Dreamboards reuse value only depends on if the developer continues to works on it, how much you enjoy theming/using themes, and if people continue to make themes that are Dreamboard compatible. I continue to see work done on this application and a steady flow of themes releasing and being update. For use I usually use it a lot. I never stick with one theme and I always go back to the original iOS theme, but that is only because I am not a big fan of theming. I think if you tended to use Winterboard a lot you would get great reuse value out of this application.

Value for Money

Dreamboards money value is up to the user. If you like Android, but don’t like the phones then Dreamboard would be worth every penny. Though if you love iOS and the way it looks and you would never like it to be any other way then this could be a complete waste of money for you. I believe that this application was worth every penny and that it has come to many uses. It not only is an advantage for the end-user, but it also comes in handy for people that create themes that you have to setup, since Dreamboard doesn’t require any setup for the end-user your theme will most likely become more successful depending on the quality. The nice thing about Dreamboard to is that it takes a pretty good amount of time to make a theme with it, so only serious themers will usually use it, unlike in winterboard where you have a lot of useless themes lying around in Cydia. So the value for your money only depends on your opinion, for it can vary from person to person.


Dreamboard is a great app that I would use instead of Winterboard, at least for complete theming, any day. Though it does have some reliability problems eventually you get use to them. Overall I give this theme 4 1/2 stars, If you do have any questions, comments, or bug reporting for the creator of this theme, WyndWarrior, then go to his original thread here.

Coming Soon:

We will be posting another review today for iNavHD. Expect it soon, you can find information on the dreamboard version of iNavHD here and the thread for the original iNavHD here.

Cydia 1.1 released!

The new and highly anticipated Cydia 1.1 has been released today. The speed of this app has extended beyond my belief in the fact of how slow cydia was before this update. A (possibly incomplete) changelog as well as video and pictures after the break.

Unnoficial Changelog:
-Speed increase and Faster Loading time

-No Separation between default repos and repos entered in by the user

-Better Search options and little to no lag when typing on the keyboard

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