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[Concept] PerPage Theming

As of late I’ve been thinking of what would be good in an OS and I’ve decided to make a concept OS in which I hope to make into reality. It’s a mobile based concept and I’ve come up with a few ideas along the way. One of these ideas being perpage theming. Perpage theming is when you have separate themes for two pages (in a mobile os that uses a page system). So say I have iOS running on my phone. I feel that it takes to long to get through the pages when I want to do something as small as finding directions. I’ve looked around for something similar, but nothing seems to compare to iOS. I use the dreamboard theme OS7 (Basically Windows Mobile 7; that’s what it’s based to look like) and I absolutely love the simplicity of it of how I can get in and out so fast, but I still want to have iOS but I still want to have access to OS7 without having to switch themes. Well my theory (hypothesis) is that with perpage theming you can make it so you go all the way to your last page in iOS default, but when you slide once more at the last page you find yourself in the OS7 theme, but you can easily switch back by just swiping back to that last page in iOS. This is a really neat idea because then you have to concepts at once running on your phone so you can easily have the best of both worlds. Another neat thing is that with my concept of switching to the OS7 theme from the last page is that the dock can still be ever-present. It can be present when you are at the main OS7 page but when you swipe to the right to look at the list of apps the dock can dissapear then reappear again when you go back to the main OS7 page or to the next iOS page (it could go back around; like when your in the applist in OS7 you swipe to the next page and it brings you to the search in iOS default (or winterboard) theme). This can of course be applied with regular winterboard theming, but I find the concept to be more exciting when you use something like a dreamboard theme and combine it with iOS. Hope you guys didn’t get to confused on this post I thought this was a pretty neat concept I made up ;). I’ll make a concept picture soon so stay tuned!

-Sean B. (Saphiresurf)

EDIT: Heres a very VERY rough drawing of what I’m talking about. Keep in mind that I have terrible handwriting and drawing skills (also it was a terrible scan :/). Enjoy!


[REVIEW] Dreamboard

App Review

App Name: Dreamboard

Author: Wyndwarrior

Price: $2.99

Dreamboard first caught my eye in it’s preview on modmyi. I looked through the video and thought it was amazing how he made a very similar-to-android theme that required little to no setup. The other thing that amazed me is how easy the new theme iNavHD (RCS) was to setup with Dreamboard; looking at how complicated it was to setup old themes, then of course you discover you don’t like the theme and all your work get’s demolished, this was extremely simple. Dreamboard is one of the first apps I can say will eventually blend in with iOS once the bugs and crashes (SO MANY CRASHES) get worked out. Now without further adieu, lets move on to the review!

What is Dreamboard?

You know how some themes require you manually set them up? You have to move this icon here and that icon there, then you have to download and sometimes even buy several applications in order to use this application. Well Dreamboard simplifies this process into just selecting a picture of the theme and pressing apply. After a few moments you will find yourself in the theme you selected. Though at the time there really aren’t any themes that are available on Cydia, so most of them are in the theming section of modmyi, therefore you have to SSH the themes into your device, though don’t worry! If you don’t know how to SSH then this will be addressed in a future guide, but I’m sure you can find something while kicking around Google.

Is Dreamboard a Reliable application?

Dreamboard is now a very stable application and very rarely does it crash for me. If you are below versioni 1.1 then you will have problems, but 1.1 and above should be very stable. Overall I would say Dreamboard is a very reliable application.

User Interface

Dreamboard’s interface is brilliant. When you press on the Dreamboard app on your springboard it will zoom out into a selection of theme previews in which you can select a different theme. Once the theme is selected a menu will pop out from the bottom of your screen that will ask you if you would like to apply the theme or edit it. When you press apply you will, of course, be brought to that theme (without having to respring!), but if you press the edit button you will get to select which of your apps go where on the preset springboard on that themes then you can press the home button and it will apply that theme, unfortunately though Dreamboard does not support dragging and dropping icons like you can on regular iOS. Overall I think that the interface is great.

Reuse Value

Dreamboards reuse value only depends on if the developer continues to works on it, how much you enjoy theming/using themes, and if people continue to make themes that are Dreamboard compatible. I continue to see work done on this application and a steady flow of themes releasing and being update. For use I usually use it a lot. I never stick with one theme and I always go back to the original iOS theme, but that is only because I am not a big fan of theming. I think if you tended to use Winterboard a lot you would get great reuse value out of this application.

Value for Money

Dreamboards money value is up to the user. If you like Android, but don’t like the phones then Dreamboard would be worth every penny. Though if you love iOS and the way it looks and you would never like it to be any other way then this could be a complete waste of money for you. I believe that this application was worth every penny and that it has come to many uses. It not only is an advantage for the end-user, but it also comes in handy for people that create themes that you have to setup, since Dreamboard doesn’t require any setup for the end-user your theme will most likely become more successful depending on the quality. The nice thing about Dreamboard to is that it takes a pretty good amount of time to make a theme with it, so only serious themers will usually use it, unlike in winterboard where you have a lot of useless themes lying around in Cydia. So the value for your money only depends on your opinion, for it can vary from person to person.


Dreamboard is a great app that I would use instead of Winterboard, at least for complete theming, any day. Though it does have some reliability problems eventually you get use to them. Overall I give this theme 4 1/2 stars, If you do have any questions, comments, or bug reporting for the creator of this theme, WyndWarrior, then go to his original thread here.

Coming Soon:

We will be posting another review today for iNavHD. Expect it soon, you can find information on the dreamboard version of iNavHD here and the thread for the original iNavHD here.